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Tap into your inner athlete in a non competitive and motivating atmosphere. Training classes will take you through a series of circuits designed to increase functional strength, agility, and provide all over toning.  There is a heavy emphasis on proper alignment and form to ensure the maximum benefit of each exercise is achieved.  We offer a variety of training classes on our schedule, each with their own format, focus and varying levels of intensity.

New to group training classes? We encourage all levels to join in, but we recommend beginning with our TRX Circuit class! Classes are safe for all levels, modifications can be offered to accommodate students new to the class or with special needs if you let the instructor know prior to class.

Interested in one on one training?
Email Sam at [email protected]


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We offer a variety of flow-based classes to meet the levels and needs of all students. Our schedule is designed to compliment an active lifestyle in a non-competitive, encouraging atmosphere. SYNCYOGA focuses on alignment and movement linked with breath. Some classes will offer a more restorative practice, while others will be physically rigorous and invigorating.


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SYNCCYCLING® is a stand-up cycling class that focuses on synchronizing both lower and upper body movement with the rhythm of the music, providing an engaging and intense workout on the bike. Our playlists are beat heavy and bass driven.

Our instructors teach to all levels of riders in every class. New to our studio and/or cycling? We strongly recommend showing up early and speaking directly with your instructor to get set up and prepared for your ride.



New Students

  • 5 Classes $30
Introductory offer. Expires 14 days from date of purchase. Limit one per person. 

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  • Drop-In $18
1 visit to any class on the schedule. Expires 30 days from date of purchase. 20% off Student, Senior, Military and Teacher discount available for purchase in studio with valid ID. Discounted passes nontransferable.

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Class Packs

  • 5 Classes $75
  • 10 Classes $140
  • 20 Classes $240
Expires June 30, 2019. No exceptions. 20 % off Student, Senior, Military and Teacher discount available for purchase in studio with valid ID. Discounted passes nontransferable.

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Give the gift of health and community. Available for any amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Join Our Squad
Interested in joining our SYNCSQUAD? We are always accepting applicants. We host training programs in circuit, SYNCCYCLING® and SYNCFUSION. Email us if you would like to find out more information about raining to teach with us or submit your resume to [email protected]   Book Now
who we are
We are a team of community builders and motivators. We are on a mission to create studios with an open and motivating environment that fosters a community of active and positive people.  We want to make you sweat and forget that you are working out.
the amenities
Dressing stalls, filtered water stations, and restrooms stocked with goodies to keep you feeling fresh.  Cubbies are in your classroom so your personal belongings never leave your sight. Towels, mats and hair ties provided.  Cycling shoes are available for $2 rental.  Reusable water bottles for sale $2.
Sign up and don’t be shy! Arrive to your class 5-15 minutes prior so you can become acquainted with our studio, your instructor and set up for your class. Be vocal. Tell us its your first time to the studio and/or class, don’t hide in the corner.  We want to help you get set up and have the best experience possible! Also,  take a second to check out more specific tips for each type of class below.
class tips- SYNCCYCLING®
You are signing up for a beat driven cycling class that is taught out of the saddle, so be ready to sweat and move for 50mins!  Here's what you need to know...
  • Open level classes are taught to the level of the room. Options for new and experienced riders will be given in class- take whats right for you.
  • If you are new to cycling, let your instructor know prior to class so they may help you get set up and prepared.
  • We have Schwinn bikes with Delta Look compatible cleats.
  • We offer the option to rent cycling shoes for $2. If you prefer, you may wear a firm sole sneaker in a shoe cage.  Please ask for assistance if your bike does not already have shoe cages on it.
  • We do not assign bikes.  Choose any bike that is open.
  • Arrive 5-10 min early if you need help setting up your bike.
  • Wear clothes that you are comfortable moving and sweating in. Please do not wear loose fitting pants.
  • Don't be shy to ask for help setting up your bike from your instructor or the front desk.
  • The goal of class is to move together (lower and upper body) to the beat of the music.
  • You can sit down at any point in the class. Don't be afraid to sit based on your needs and what is right for you.
class tips- CIRCUIT
Circuit classes are taught in a small group format rotating stations and exercises. Here is what you want to know for class...
  • Wear clothes you are comfortable moving in and sneakers.
  • Yes, you will sweat!
  • All of the circuit classes are open level classes.  Classes will be taught to the level of the room. Instruction, modifications  and options will be offered in class, choose what is right for you.
  • Arrive on time so you do not miss warm-up and intros.
  • If you are new please arrive early so you can become acquainted with your instructor and class.
  • If you are training with a special condition, please let the instructor know prior to class so they can offer modifications as needed.
class tips- YOGA
Whether you are new or an experienced practitioner, here are some helpful hints...
  • We provide mats and all the props you will need for class.
  • Arrive on time so you can get situated and say hi to your instructor!
  • SYNCYOGA is an alignment based flow class.  It is an open level practice, but it's recommended you have taken yoga class prior.
  • If you have never taken yoga, let your instructor know prior to class so he/she may help you get prepared.
  • Our classes are not heated.
  • If you are working with any type of special condition or injury please let your instructor know prior to class so they can offer modifications for your practice.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, take off your socks and turn off your electronics.
sign up
We have an app available for free allowing you to easily book, cancel and purchase classes from your phone. If you need help booking a class email [email protected] or call/text us at 919- 572- 7962. Book Online Now!
cancellation policy
General rule of thumb is the less you take advantage, the less strict we need to be enforcing.   Early cancellation for a class is allowed up to 2 hours prior to the start time of class.  Early cancellation for 5:45 AM classes must be canceled by 8am the night before. For no-shows and late cancellations students will lose that class. Classes close 5 min after the start time- aka you have until 5 min after the start to walk into the class if it is not full.  If you are not here at the start of class and there is a waitlist your reservation, you will be late canceled and your spot will be given to those waiting.  We strongly encourage showing up on time for class.   We try to stay as lenient as possible with this.  We get it- life happens! Call us at 919-572-7962 if you are running late, we will accommodate you if we can.  
If class is full, put yourself on the waitlist. If you make it into class an email notification will be sent to the email on your account up to 60 minutes before class time. If you don’t make it off the waitlist 60 min prior to class, we recommend showing up to the studio. Empty spaces will be given away at the start time of class. We do not allow unpaid reservations in a class or on a waitlist.
what if I am under 18 years old?
That's awesome! If you are under the age of 15, your parent/guardian must be present in class to participate. If you are 15-17 years old you can only participate with written parent/legal guardian consent. Bring your completed minor consent form to your first class! Book Now
what if I’m pregnant?
First of all, you go girl! Unfortunately, we do not currently offer prenatal classes, but if you have been cleared by your doctor to exercise during your pregnancy then we encourage you to take classes as usual. Please let your instructor know prior to the start of class so they can discuss any modifications necessary. Also, consider that generally speaking it is best to stick to activity you did prior to being pregnant. We don’t recommend trying out a new class while you are pregnant. Definitely email us if you want to chat [email protected]
do you have a work/study program?
Yes! We are always looking for help keeping our studio fresh and awesome in trade for classes to our studio! Interested? Reach out to us [email protected].
do you offer special discounts?
We offer 20% off of our drop-in and class packs for students, seniors (65+), teachers and armed services with valid ID.  This discount is available for use with in studio purchases only and is not transferrable. Book Now
interested in private instruction?
We can offer 1:1 cycling, yoga or strength training on site or in one of our studios. In general, we are open for training whenever classes are not being held. Email us to get connected with a trainer [email protected] Private Training Prices are listed below.

Regular Packages (1 year expiration period):

Personal Training [1 session] - $70

Personal Training [5 sessions] - $325

Personal Training [10 sessions] - $600

Personal Training [15 sessions] - $825

Group (2+) Personal Training session [per person] - $35

30 Min. Personal Training session - $40  

Monthly Packages (30 day expiration period):

1 x Week Personal Training [4 sessions] - $240

2 x Week Personal Training [8 sessions] - $440    *$220 bi-weekly payment option available

3 x Week Personal Training [12 sessions] - $600    *$300 bi-weekly payment option available

want to have a private group class?
Yes, we can host a private class - they are a blast! Cycling, strength training, or yoga it's your choice! Email us for more info [email protected].
corporate partnerships
Yes, we are interested! Email [email protected].
gift cards
The best gift ever. CLICK HERE TO GET IT.

Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

  • Attention
  • Accountability
  • Access
“I trained with Cathy 1-2x/week during my second and third trimester. She was extremely knowledgeable and supportive during our sessions. She was able to modify the exercises as my pregnancy progressed and helped me to feel strong at a time when I had difficulty maintaining my typical exercise routine. I credit Cathy and the workout routines she created for helping me recover more easily from childbirth and transition back into my workouts post-partum. I am grateful for the encouragement I received from Cathy and the sync family.” Caroline  

Regular Packages

  • 1 Session - $70
  • 5 Sessions - $325
  • 10 Sessions - $600
  • 15 Sessions - $825
  • Group (2+ people) Session - $35 per person
  • 30 Min Session - $40
*Expires 1 year from purchase date.  

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Monthly Packages

  • 1 x Week [4 Sessions] - $240
  • 2 x Week [8 Sessions] - $440
  • 3 x Week [12 Sessions] - $600
*Must sign auto-pay contract for a minimum of 3 months. Bi-weekly payment available for 8 and 12 Session Packages. Expires 30 days from purchase date.

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