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The SYNCYOGA program offers a variety of flow-based classes to meet the levels and needs of all students. Our schedule is designed to compliment an active lifestyle in a non-competitive, encouraging atmosphere. SYNCYOGA focuses on alignment and movement linked with breath. Some classes will offer a more restorative practice, while others will be physically rigorous and invigorating.

Developing a regular yoga practice can help strengthen the body, while simultaneously increasing flexibility of areas that are often most affected by physical activity and/or being sedentary. Yoga can also help align the mind and body, creating a balance that students can take off the mat and integrate into daily life.

Yoga has a multitude of benefits and when practiced regularly, it can address and offer methods for dealing with the following challenges many of us are faced with:

•   Physical strength, stamina and flexibility
•   Muscle tone
•   Stress reduction
•   Concentration
•   Breath control
•   Posture
•   Organ function
•   Body awareness

If you are new to the practice or our studio, check out our [NEW STUDENT GUIDE] to help you get started!